About Us


Running a day to day business is hard work. But Extratech can make your day a little easier, and help your workplace to run smoother. Our team can bring affordable expertise to your enterprise. When you choose to use Extratech, you choose a team committed to solving problems as promptly as possible. We provide free consultations and look forward to chatting with you.

How can Extratech help your business?

We provide the following services:

  • Network Maintenance Including Monitoring and Testing
  • Help Desk and Desktop Support
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Network Security Including Risk Mitigation
  • Web Hosting
  • Connectivity and Bandwidth
  • Data Storage
  • Overseeing Installations and Upgrades

When you choose Extratech you can solve your problems quicker by using qualified professionals. We monitor and solve threats and malfunctions before they arise. Furthermore, by choosing our team you allow your in-house team to concentrate on day- to- day issues and future projects. By selecting our services, you provide an extra layer of security for your precious online data. Moreover, we work according to a transparent policy with a predictable pricing model. Our team provides after hours’ support, and will help you streamline your business. We promise to improve your workplace through providing more extensive monitoring. Because we have a variety of clients, our staff constantly acquire new certificates. Therefore, our team is on the cutting edge of the IT industry.

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