CRM Training and Development

CRM Training and Development

What is CRM?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a business model which explains how to find, attract and keep customers. The model also explains how to manage relationships with clients and customers and partners as well as how to forecast sales prospects.

Why use Extratech?

Extratech is a business built around education. Therefore, we understand the challenges and rewards of education. Every member of our team has extensive experience. We will equip you with the skills you need to move forward. In a language you will understand, our staff will train you to master such programs as Oracle, Salesforce and Microsoft.

What will our courses give you?

Sales training

Instead of using traditional sales training, CRM sales training uses a blending of techniques to make sure professionals retain information. This method differs from the traditional “ticking boxes” approach of training. By using online and classroom training, Extratech will enhance your learning experience. Moreover, our teaching resources remain available to customers long after the course has concluded. Therefore, learners can access key information as required. Our platform uses social platforms to allow learners to share knowledge and experiences and to develop their salesmanship. Instead of merely aiming for sales, we train staff to align themselves with business goals. Therefore we rate evolving and growth over completion. We understand that businesses survive because they adapt and take advantage of an ever-changing environment.

CRM uses data from the salesforce to make reliable forecasts. By observing and monitoring sales, CRM models allow for quick intervention and development to give your business a competitive advantage. Furthermore, we will train you how to keep customer data for future sales.

Teaching sales fundamentals

By teaching your staff how to look through the eyes of the customer instead of pushing a product and gadgets they don’t need, we promise to increase your success.

Furthermore, we break down the elements of customer needs so you can focus your business strategies. This means utilising the following customer needs;

  • An efficient, reliant product
  • Company expertise
  • A company with industry experience
  • A company that can provide resources and services
  • A company with a solid reputation

If you need to onboard new sales reps, develop account management or general sales skills, our team will help.

So you have the customer? Now what?

Our team will train you on the next step to success which is retaining customers. We will teach you techniques ranging from interacting with your clients via website, phone calls and in person visits.

CRM informs us that we should take an interest in our customers. It also encourages us to use technology to help us understand our customer base at a deeper level.

To retain customers we must be proactive. This could include collaborating with your customer for future successes that you can share. While it is vital to have a proven past record, it is also important to have a future one. Extratech also instructs learners on how to use marketing and educational tools to learn from customer behaviour.

This includes learning from experience how your customers interact in different, revealing ways with your business. Our team will teach you techniques using these insights to guide your business onto greater successes.