Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing allows you not only to reach your customer but to understand them. Therefore, it allows your business to target them with the right product. Extratech has experience and knowledge into how technology can help you build brand awareness and to concentrate your advertising with optimal effectiveness.

Brand awareness

For your business to succeed, customers must trust your brand. But this only happens once they’re familiar with your brand. Most customers stick with brands they know. Therefore, digital marketing is necessary. Especially in a world where online shopping is growing, and customers make decisions on purchases after browsing online.

How can we teach you to build your brand?

Our staff is highly trained in applying technology to make business’s capitalise on investments. We will teach you how to utilise Search Engine Optimisation, (putting yourself at the top of online searches) and Search engine marketing (purchasing the right space to advertise your brand). We will also inform you on techniques which do not work, but which businesses continue to use. And we will instruct you how to use digital marketing techniques which have proven successful such as remarketing (targeting customers based on their search history), and data-driven advertising.

Furthermore, we can train you to use social media platforms to reach new customers and to retain old ones. Extratech shall also introduce you to customer management software such as SAP C4C, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage CRM and Salesforce CRM.