Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developer

Why choose us?

Our staff are trained in various programming languages to suit your project. From Java to Python, our team has the programming skills to best suit your online enterprise. Therefore, we can make you the most functioning website, app and database on the market. Staff at Extretch have computer science degrees and experience in project management. Thus, we know what will work best for your specific demands. Furthemore, we will liaison effectively with you until the project’s completion.

We specialise in both frontend and backend development of websites and applications which can run across platforms. And our professional team can also build you databases. Our knowledge includes MySQL, MongoDB, SQL Server, Access and Oracle.

Because we are passionate about our careers, we stay in touch with the latest developments in web application and programming languages. Full stack developers at Extratech are creative, technically savvy and organised. We enjoy working closely with graphic designers and businesses. Indeed, our staff are trained in UI/UX design.

Extratech Full Stack Developers are also skilled in Version Control Systems, API, uni tests, security and algorithms.

Still not convinced?

A full stack developer has deep, comprehensive knowledge. Therefore, when you hire one you save time. Because they have a wide and profound area of expertise, they will ensure every part of the system is running smoothly. Because full stack developers have holistic knowledge and skills, they will save you hiring more staff and using more resources than is necessary.

Please contact us and see for yourself. Our team has impressive portfolios.

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