Network and System

Network and System

Extratech provides businesses with tailormade network systems which suit their objectives and budget, and allow them to streamline workflows and to improve profit margins. To make sure your business runs smoothly, our engineers are trained to identify faults in the network before they occur. Therefore, we solve problems promptly saving you time and money.


Our staff is trained to protect your data from threats which include malware, ransomware and denial-of-service attacks. To ensure your network is safe, our team runs tests using simulated cyber attacks to identify weaknesses which we resolve. Afterwards, we may suggest methods to protect your data, including Load Balancers which diverts cyberattack traffic from the organisational server to the public cloud provider.

We provide free consultations to assess the vulnerabilities of your network.

Migrations, Restructuring and Backup Services

Sometimes businesses change systems and domains or fall into new corporate hands. Extratech is here to help your transition run effortlessly while ensuring your data isn’t compromised or lost during the migration.

Each day our technicians check reports and execute break-fix operations to ensure backups are working. When necessary, we patch and update servers, and consult with external IT associates and vendors to resolve network issues.

Our team is well versed in Cloud Integration which allows organisations to manage their information better by separating their data into silos. Cloud Integration also helps businesses to communicate better and to control their processes more efficiently. Because our team is trained in migration, we can migrate and integrate your data to the cloud.

Packages and Support

At Extretch, our knowledge and experience covers software and hardware. We will design and quote software, desktops, servers, licensing agreements, and notebooks. Because we have industry connections, we will find you the best prices and deals to move your business forward. Please contact us for a general enquiry. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our Helpdesk staff provides support to both novice and professional users. We are a friendly team who enjoys solving your problems and ensuring your satisfaction when using our services